Hair Restoration Courses

We are proud to offer a comprehensive training package for aspiring hair restoration surgeons at Vibrante Academy. It has been a long journey from the days FUE was considered obsolete and an irrelevant form of surgery to it becoming mainstream in hair restoration surgery. We believe we have the know-how and protocols in place to offer aspiring hair restoration surgeons first hand experience at a very rewarding skill.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has come a long way since the technique has undergone a natural evolution overtime and it has taken almost twelve years since its initial inception for the medical community to convince clients that FUE is a viable option for someone considering hair restoration surgery. We have put together a training programme, which we believe will offer any aspiring hair restoration surgeons or doctor a lot of options in pursuing a career in hair restoration surgery.

We believe the timescales required to attain proficiency in Hair Restoration Surgery differ with individual practitioners and from our experience in training doctors, the outcomes vary significantly. We have devised a series of training programmes to suit different practitioner's life and work schedules and are happy to amend our training programmes as needed.

Hair Restoration Training and Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Fellowship