Trichology Courses

Trichology Courses

Hair problems can be more complex than most people perceive, as it is! The underlying cause of hair damage and hair fall may be deep-rooted and not your hair care products. Seeking a career in Trichology can be rewarding and there are several areas to specialize in. Trichology is a section of medicine focusing on hair and scalp health and ailments related to these. Vibrante Academy offers a number of well designed medical trichology courses for aspirants. Our trichology courses will help you become an expert in hair related problems. The Hair Loss Treatments Training courses are intensive and contain the most updated curriculum.

Why opt for our Trichology courses

There are many other institutes offering Diploma in Trichology but our approach is much more comprehensive. At Vibrante Academy, we offer medical trichology courses for aspirants with varying qualification and career goals. So, you can choose our Pg Diploma In Medical Trichology as well as short term certification course.

Our Hair Loss Treatments Training courses cover nearly everything related to scalp and hair issues.

You can learn the root causes of alopecia and different types of pattern hair loss in our courses along with ways to treat those. Hair loss and baldness can be caused by numerous factors and unless proper knowledge is obtained the woes can’t be treated effectively.

When you opt for our Diploma in Trichology you get to learn about numerous hair and scalp problems. You learn the root causes of dandruff, hair-splitting, head lice, and other types of scalp ailments and infections. You also receive extensive knowledge on ways to resolve such issues. The treatment goes far beyond applying external products like serums, g, ls, and cleansers- as you will find out!

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Do you want to know more about our Pg Diploma In Medical Trichology and other courses in Trichology? Just get in touch and our consultants will be happy to resolve all the queries. You will find our courses priced reasonably and we are quite confident about that. For details on our Trichology courses, just write to us at

Trichology Courses – Mesotherapy, Hair Transplantation Certification Course

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